Welcome to Pura Vida Villa, located on the North Shore of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast in the province of Guanacaste. Here the air is warm, the breeze sublime¬†and the people are as nice as it gets. We while away the days combing the beaches of Ocotal and overlooking the big, beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. We dine in some of the local haunts and fill ourselves with fresh fish and shrimp and later we may go into town for some live music and dancing. We are home to a multi-cultural community. People from all over the world have decided to hang their hat here.

Many who come here enjoy the privacy and tranquility, but also the ability to have so many friends and family join in one location. This rental villa is considered a yearly retreat for many. They know that they can count on a tip-top staff to make every day better than the one before and will continue to embrace the memories that they have created here.

This villa also has the pleasure of offering access to The Club at Coco Bay Estates. Coco Bay Estates is a state-of-the-art fitness, tennis and pickleball center that is a short 5 minute drive from the villa. The Club features two high quality tennis courts, 4 high quality pickleball courts, a tropical style swimming pool, an awesome restaurant, a beach club, a spa, a gym, and so much more.

Pura Vida literally translates to Pure Life- it’s the Costa Rica lifestyle.¬† Come experience Pura Vida at Pura Vida Villa in Costa Rica.